The Defensive BJJ community is growing strong and it is time to put our theories and research to the test at a bigger scale. Therefore, we are looking for competitors to join our “Defensive BJJ Competition Research Team”. Black belt / expert division are prioritized but some exceptions can be made for experienced lower belts. Basically, you will be going into competitions with the purpose of testing certain strategies and techniques as planned by the team. We collect the data and analyze it together with Priit and the community, here on the website.


  • Member of Defensive BJJ platform
  • Commit to “diving into the rabbit hole” and study the material from the website
  • Continuously work directly with Priit
  • Must deliver quality video footage of matches


  • Competition fees paid by Defensive BJJ (black belt / expert divisions only)
  • Personal coaching and analysis from Priit Mihkelson
  • Rashguard and spats
  • Gi patches

If you are interested in joining, please apply by introducing yourself in the forum topic in the members section and we will get back to you as soon as possible!