My upcoming seminar & camp schedule


2.-7. BJJ Globetrotters Winter Camp in Wagrain, Austria
13. Mojo Gymnos in Bonn, Germany
14. Martial Arts Diez in Limburg an der Lahn, Germany
19.-21. Tribe Grappling NEW gym opening in Amsterdam, Netherlands
26.-28. January 10th Planet Oak Hill in Texas, Austin

29.-04. Caribbean Island Camp in St-Barths
9.-11. Brighton BJJ School, UK
16.-18. Växjö Titans, Sweden
24. Smart Grapplers in Mülheim and der Ruhr, Germany
25. BJJ Grappling in Hamm, Germany

1.-3. Our marriage anniversary
8.-10. Booked for seminar
13.-18. Jiu Jitsu Legacy Winter Camp 2024 – 3rd Edition
22.-24. Team Mattenbrand in Zwickau, Germany
30. MMA Raju 15: Reloaded in Tartu, Estonia
31. Manana Academy in Ystad, Sweden

5.-7. PS Phoenix Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Château-Thierry, France
12.-14. Eco vs The World in Firenze, Italy
15.-21. Zen Camp Spring Edition in Poland
22.-27. Spring Camp Estonia, Tallinn

29. April – 5. May Booked
6.-12. Booked
13.-19. Booked
20.-22. Booked
24.-28. Whoopass Camp in Amsterdam, Netherlands

31. May – 2. June Kristiansand Kampsport summer camp in Norway
7.-9. Flow Combat in Imatra, Finland
14.-16. Tbilisi, Georgia
19.-23. BJJ Globetrotters Camp 100, Italy
28.-30. Blue Dog Jiu-Jitsu in Yeovil, UK

1.-4. Free for extra bookings in UK
5.-7. Peak Jiu-Jitsu in Stafford, UK
8.-14. BJJ Globetrotters Iceland Camp in Reykjavik, Iceland
19.-21. My sons birthday / Pärnu vacation
22.-28. BJJ Globetrotters Beach Camp in Pärnu, Estonia

1.-4. Primate Lounge in Norrköping, Sweden
5.-11. BJJ Globetrotters Summer Camp in Heidelberg, Germany
16.-18. Mudo Gym Ulsrud in Oslo, Norway
21.-25. BJJ Globetrotters Austria Camp in Wagrain
29. August – 1. September Disneyland in Paris, France

2.-8. Enso Jiu-Jitsu in Skopje, N. Macedonia
13.-15. Vienna Grappling Club in Vienna, Austria
16.-22. Combat Arts Academy in Seattle, US
23.-29. Santa Maria Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in California, US

4.-6. GB Gym in Helsinki, Finland
7.-13. BJJ Globetrotters Zen Camp in Poland
18.-20. Fighting Fit in Stafford, UK
25.-27. Booked for a camp (not public yet)

1.-3. Inverted Gear Academy in Pennsylvania, US
4.-8. BJJ in Paradise in Puerto Escondido, Mexico
11.-21. Vacation in Dubai
22. Nov – 8. Dec Australia trip

13.-15. Lateral Thinking Jiu-Jitsu Camp in Hanau, Germany
19.-31. Vacation


2.-7. BJJ Globetrotters Winter Camp in Wagrain, Austria
11.-12. –
13.-19. BJJ Globetrotters Caribbean Camp in St-Barths
24.-26. Preliminary booking (not public yet)

28. January – 24. February possible Asia tour: Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, Philippines

1.-2. Our marriage anniversary
7.-9. Brighton BJJ School in Brighton, UK
15.-16. (preliminary booking for one future camp. 100% confirmed in the end of March)
22.-23. PS Phoenix Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Château-Thierry, France
29.-30. Road 2 Jiu-Jitsu in Marseille, France

5.-6. Växjö Titans in Växjö, Sweden
8.-11. Disney World visit in Florida
12.-13. Preliminary booking for Orlando in Florida, US
14.-20. Preliminary booking for the future camp
26.-27. Turtle Riders in Aachen, Germany

3.-4. TeamMattenbrand in Zwickau, Germany
10.-11. Gracie Barra Frydek-Mistek in Czech Republic
16. Rolling Owls in Trier, Germany
17. Grappling Pandas in Wittlich, Germany
18. Preliminary booking (will be announced in June / July)
24.-25. Anonymous Jiu-Jitsu Addicts / Integral Jiu-Jitsu in Ulm, Germany
31. May – 1. June –

28.-29. Blue Dog Jiu-Jitsu in Yeovil, UK

Weekend vacation in Switzerland
Week-long vacation in Greece
Fight Gym Radolfzell, Germany (end of the July  / beginning of the August probably)

Another possible Asia tour

12.-14. Lateral Thinking Jiu-Jitsu Camp in Hanau, Germany

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